Auditing Bankruptcy and Other Tort Claims: Statistical Analysis, Sampling, and Coding Techniques At A Glance

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To resolve cases involving alleged product liability, companies frequently establish settlement funds or trusts to process individual claims. These claims may be related to personal injury, property damage, or other economic losses. For example, settlement funds or trusts have been established to pay claims relating to torts such as asbestos, silica, environmental claims, building products, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

Even after such tort claims have been processed and paid, need may arise to review claimant-specific details. The settlement administrator or other interested party may wish to audit the claims to confirm that they are valid according to established criteria. In addition, parties may need to obtain information from claim files, such as the date and location of the alleged injury or damage, to map against other sources of data.

For more than 20 years, NERA's experts have brought together the disciplines of economics, statistics, computer programming, claims management, accounting, epidemiological modeling, and insurance modeling to address these and other complex problems related to claim auditing.