NERA's European Finance, Litigation, and Dispute Resolution Group: Partners in an Uncertain Regulatory and Business Environment

05 May 2010

The financial landscape and the regulations that govern it are rapidly changing. Moves by the European Union and individual countries to change the way they monitor and regulate financial markets, cross-border transactions, and institutions are contributing to a climate of heightened uncertainty and risk. In such conditions, a deep understanding of financial markets and the economics underlying different financial products is vital to addressing regulators' concerns effectively and to favourably settling commercial disputes that may arise in the new environment.

NERA Economic Consulting is widely recognised as a leading firm in financial economics, securities, derivatives, valuation, and risk management. Our European Finance, Litigation, and Dispute Resolution Group is based in London and includes leading experts from around the world. NERA experts bring to bear a thorough understanding of financial markets and the regulatory institutions that govern them. The insights we apply in our roles as consultants and expert witnesses build on experience gained as officers at major global institutions, financial regulators, faculty at top-tier universities, and industry arbitrators.

NERA experts assist clients in all stages of financial markets related litigation and arbitration, including discovery, fact analysis, and development of economic and financial models addressing questions of liability and economic damages. We also review and critique reports by opposing experts, and assist clients with preparation of well-documented reports, exhibits, and testimony. We have provided expert testimony in courts and arbitrations in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, and in other countries around the world. Clients hire us because they can be sure our work will be highly sophisticated, accurate, and defensible in dispute resolution or regulatory enforcement settings. NERA experts also provide advisory services related to securities, derivatives, finance, valuation, and risk management.