Intellectual Property

16 November 2020
Capabilities and Services

Intellectual property (IP) rights are foundational to the US economy. Appropriate enforcement and proper valuation of those rights is necessary and vital for economic efficiency. Businesses, courts, and policymakers recognize the need to use accepted economic principles to understand and address complex IP matters. With this amplified focus on quantitative economic analysis, NERA is widely recognized as a leading provider of expertise in the economics of IP in many industries, including life sciences, music licensing, high tech, telecommunications, and consumer products. Our economists employ a combination of economic theory and cutting-edge quantitative techniques, grounded in a thorough understanding of market facts, to provide practical approaches to, strategies for, and analyses of the IP challenges facing our clients. Our insights are grounded by our experience gained in academia, business, and at regulatory agencies. Our analyses have been presented in hundreds of proceedings involving IP disputes, and the testimony of NERA experts has withstood scrutiny in numerous forums. With offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia, our capabilities are well-matched to the demands of a global market.