Oil and Gas Pipelines

Capabilities and Services

For over six decades, NERA’s oil and gas experts have been applying economic principles on behalf of oil and gas pipeline companies and other energy clients throughout the world. From NERA’s founding in 1961, we were instrumental in forming the rules underlying North America’s uniquely competitive gas market. We were also at the vanguard of pipeline privatization moves throughout the world after the privatization wave began in the UK in the 1980s. Our experts deliver independent, unbiased findings, providing analysis, expert testimony, and regulatory insight in complex litigation, regulation, and economic consulting engagements.

NERA has substantial expertise with all types of pipelines, including crude oil, refined product, natural gas liquid and gas pipelines, as well as the product markets that ship on these pipelines. We work with oil and gas pipelines, energy producers, exploration companies, and marketers on all aspects of market development, regulation, pricing, and competitive entry. We have unparalleled industry and economic expertise, aiding clients in competition analysis; traditional rate settings; cases involving restructuring; and civil, bankruptcy, and arbitration proceedings involving economic damages and valuation of pipeline and storage capacity.