Spectrum Auctions Experience At A Glance

Services and Capabilities

NERA's auctions team has unmatched experience providing advice on auctions cutting across a wide array of industries, including communications, energy, transportation, and finance. We have been involved in radio spectrum auctions since they first began in the 1990s, advising governments or bidders in countries around the world, working across many frequency bands and all spectrum auction formats. We offer advice on all stages of the award process, and can also provide full service solutions for designing and implementing auctions, or running bid teams.

NERA’s experts understand how to negotiate the broad range of auction formats and the widely varied bidding rules used for spectrum awards. We can interpret information about the frequencies available, local market demand, candidate technologies, interference conditions, and public policy objectives in order to identify the right auction format and rules for each occasion. We have direct experience with all auction formats, from both a government and bidder perspective, including sealed bids, simultaneous multiple round auctions (SMRAs), clock auctions, and combinatorial formats, such as the combinatorial clock auction (CCA). Our broad experience and deep expertise make us exceptionally qualified for drafting regulatory submissions on auctions, and reviewing auction outcomes from regulatory and competition perspectives.