The NewERA Model At A Glance

Capabilities and Services

The energy sectors are facing unprecedented changes and uncertainty related to factors such as technology improvements and environmental regulation. Therefore, it is vital for energy companies to have access to tools that can help them evaluate how these new and potential future changes will interact with each other and influence the key market drivers for the energy sectors. Given the interactions among industry sectors, it is also important to understand the economic consequences these changes may have on the other sectors of the economy, for which energy usage and costs are important factors.

The NewERA model is a unique tool for effectively measuring the full impacts of regulations and policies. Applying the expertise of leading economic modelers and the extensive energy industry experience of NERA Economic Consulting, the model captures policies’ effects as they ripple through all sectors of the economy. Unlike most other models designed to examine the impacts of environmental and energy regulations, the NewERA model integrates a macroeconomic model with a model of the electricity industry. By combining a macroeconomic model incorporating all sectors of the economy (except for the electric sector) with a detailed electric sector model, the NewERA model allows for a complete understanding of the economic impacts of different policies on all sectors of the economy.