Antitrust & Competition Policy Economics (Chinese translation)

Capabilities and Services

Economists at NERA understand the specialized business issues and the broader economic conditions that underlie competition matters. Our expertise in applying rigorous economic, analytical, and quantitative tools to global antitrust and competition policy issues can bolster legal and regulatory cases, help to counter allegations of antitrust violations, or anticipate internal vulnerabilities.

Our experts employ a combination of economic theory and the latest quantitative techniques, grounded in a thorough understanding of market facts, to provide theoretical and empirical economic analysis and testimony in matters involving mergers and acquisitions, antitrust litigation, and competition policy. We analyze the entire range of economic issues that arise in antitrust cases, including market definition and market power, market structure and entry conditions, pricing and other conduct affecting competition, profitability, and damages.

Clients value our reputation and experience in working closely with antitrust and competition authorities around the world. Our insights often build upon experience gained in academia, business, and enforcement agencies. With this experience comes a dedicated and disciplined approach to economic analysis. NERA economists go beyond abstract principles to analyze all available evidence before presenting the data in a clear, conclusive, and defensible manner. We understand the high stakes involved in most of our assignments, and we take extraordinary measures to make our work robust.