Bankruptcy and Financial Distress Litigation

Services and Capabilities

Fallout from the economic downturn continues to reshape the bankruptcy and financial distress litigation landscape. In the past, litigation arising from a bankruptcy was somewhat peripheral to the bankruptcy itself. Today, bankruptcy matters themselves often lead to complex litigation and investigatory issues. So, as the number of bankruptcy filings and restructuring lawsuits related to the financial crises slows down, we find the litigation phase of these highly complex matters has intensified.

For half a century, NERA experts have been central to our clients' success in some of the highest-profile cases related to litigation, regulation, and business challenges. In a turbulent economic climate, with disputes stemming from disastrous M&A deals, D&O litigation from failed financial institutions, fraudulent transfers, and distressed debt investors, each bankruptcy brings with it a unique and complex set of issues, claims, and stakeholders. Counsel and their clients face difficult questions when unraveling the effects of bankruptcy or dealing with restructuring and the solutions often lie at the intersection of law and economics. NERA‘s experts work with clients to provide the best analysis and ideas in the areas of economics, finance, accounting, and valuation, to design the right solution for a litigious issue or the creation of a restructured company.