Economic Analyses and Allegations of Collusive Anticompetitive Activity: Cartels

Capabilities and Services

NERA has extensive international experience in evaluating allegations of collusive anticompetitive behavior. Our experts have worked in North America, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere on a broad variety of cartel cases, both criminal and civil, including investigations of or litigation alleging price fixing, customer and geographic allocation, bid rigging, and other forms of anticompetitive collusion.

In industries ranging from agricultural commodities and natural resources to capital equipment, and production inputs to durable and non-durable consumer goods and services, NERA has provided expert economic analysis that has been instrumental in advising companies about their potential exposure, negotiating with regulators and enforcement agencies, and reaching settlements in civil litigation. NERA experts also regularly testify in cartel-related court cases seeking civil damages or prosecuting alleged criminal activity, including testimony for individuals accused of criminal conduct.

Clients come to NERA because of our decades of experience dealing with antitrust and cartel issues, our experts' unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience—not only of industries and issues, but of technical skills and capabilities—and our commitment to deliver unbiased findings. NERA's reputation for independence and integrity gives our testimony substantial weight with regulators and in the courtroom.