Energy Sector Capabilities and the NewERA Model

Capabilities and Services

For more than half a century, NERA experts have helped clients in the energy sector worldwide successfully navigate their most critical transactional, regulatory, litigation, policy, and business concerns, leveraging deep industry knowledge and advanced analytical tools and techniques. We support our clients as they grapple with contradictory trends: regulation and deregulation, consolidation and asset spinoff, environmental constraints and low fossil fuel prices.

NERA’s energy experts have comprehensive knowledge of the economics of oil, gas, and electricity markets; industry structures; competitive procurement mechanisms; and methods of regulation. We have extensive practical experience working with oil, gas, and electric power utilities; with related businesses, such as those focused on nuclear power and renewables; and in key regulatory agencies and government departments. We have exceptional in-house economic and market modeling capabilities, which we tailor to produce insights about specific issues of relevance to oil, gas, and electricity clients. We can also leverage the expertise and innovative methods of NERA colleagues who specialize in other network industries, including communications, transportation, and water.

NERA has exceptional in-house market modeling capabilities for detailed analytical support for many engagements. A salient example is our NewERA model, the most state-of-the-art economic model in the consulting space for measuring sectoral and economy-wide effects of regulations and policies. The model helps companies evaluate how new and potential policy or market changes will interact and influence business and economic outcomes. The model captures policies’ effects as they ripple through all sectors of the economy, supporting transaction evaluation, asset valuation, and policy analysis. Among many other applications, it is being used to assess various implications of the US EPA’s Clean Power Plan.