Energy Services and Capabilities

Energy -- particularly the electricity and natural gas sectors -- has been one of the most rapidly changing industries over the past two decades. The pace of change shows no signs of slowing. Around the world, industry participants grapple with contradictory trends: regulation and deregulation, consolidation and asset spinoff, growing demand and constraints on supply.

For half a century, NERA experts have helped clients successfully navigate their most critical regulatory, litigation, and business challenges. We have served clients around the globe, including North America, many countries in Central and South America, nearly all of the countries of the European Union, Russia and other countries in the former Soviet Union, Australia and New Zealand, and many parts of Asia. NERA's energy experts have comprehensive knowledge of the economics of gas and electricity markets, industry structures, and the methods of regulation used by government and regulators. We have extensive practical experience working in the gas and electricity industries themselves, and in key regulatory agencies and government departments. We leverage our expertise by taking into account the specific knowledge and innovation our NERA colleagues bring to other network industries, including communications, transportation, and water.