Financial Services Transfer Pricing

Capabilities and Services

The financial services sector continues to evolve and is facing a number of challenges from increasing pricing pressures, new business structures, and burgeoning compliance requirements. International taxation is one area where legislation and its enforcement have created increasing complexities for multinational enterprises and tax authorities alike. NERA's transfer pricing professionals assist clients in navigating global regulations by providing independent and defensible economic analyses to define, substantiate, and review transfer pricing policies and practices.

For over half a century, NERA experts have been central to client success in some of the world's highest-profile cases related to litigation, regulation, and business challenges. Our Financial Services Transfer Pricing experts help clients minimize tax risks resulting from transfer prices by aligning the administrative business model with the operational model. NERA economists use advanced analytical techniques to perform differentiating analyses that help financial services firms in determining arm's length pricing for their intra-group transactions. These analyses take into account the unique characteristics of regulatory environments in which many of these firms operate, as well as competitive features of the markets, using relevant data sources in the industry. NERA's capabilities span all areas of transfer pricing for financial services firms, including analyses of financing-related transactions and guarantee fees, structuring of service flows and cost allocation arrangements, asset and equity-related valuations, and capital structure analyses.