Intellectual Property Economics (Chinese translation)

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The aggressive exploitation of intellectual property rights has led to greater scrutiny in court proceedings, boardrooms, and legislatures about how those rights should be valued. As a result of this increased scrutiny, companies and their counsel, along with courts and policymakers, are increasingly adopting a valuation framework based upon economic principles to understand and address complex IP matters. With this increased focus on quantitative economic analysis, the shortcomings of valuation methods based on rules-of-thumb and standard accounting allocations are ever more apparent.

For half a century, NERA experts have been central to client success in some of the world's highest-profile cases related to litigation, regulation, and business challenges. NERA helps its clients by employing a combination of economic theory and cutting-edge quantitative techniques, grounded in a thorough understanding of market facts, to provide practical approaches to, strategies for, and analyses of the IP challenges facing our clients. Our insights are grounded by our experience gained in academia, business, and regulatory agencies. NERA economists go beyond abstract principles to analyze all available evidence before presenting their analyses in a clear, conclusive, and defensible manner. We understand that there are high stakes in most of our assignments, and we take extraordinary measures to ensure the robustness of our work. Our analyses have been presented in hundreds of proceedings involving IP disputes, and the testimony of NERA experts has withstood scrutiny in numerous forums.