The Economics of Health Care

Capabilities and Services

The health care industry operates in a market landscape that is in constant flux. This is the era of innovation and reform, of provider repositioning and health plan consolidation, all in an effort to achieve that fine line between improving access to high-quality care and containing costs. Companies in the health care sector must navigate this evolving market, the uncertain regulatory environment, the demands of implementing the Affordable Care Act, and antitrust questions surrounding mergers at every level. Navigating these shifts requires continual analysis of strategic options and competitive responses.

For over half a century, NERA experts have been central to client success in some of the world's highest-profile cases related to health care litigation, regulation, and business challenges. NERA's Global Health Care Practice covers the full range of litigation, mergers, regulatory challenges, health care reform, public policy, and business strategy questions that arise in this complex industry. Our health economists have analyzed hundreds of mergers involving hospitals, health insurers, physicians, pharmaceuticals, and medical device companies. Many of these mergers have been reviewed by both US and European antitrust authorities. Our litigation experience covers antitrust issues such as monopolization, price fixing, RICO claims, unfair methods of competition, exclusive contracting, bundling, and other vertical restraints issues, such as those posed by integrated health care systems.