The Economics of Securities and Financial Litigation

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Sweeping regulatory changes, aggressive enforcement tactics, and the ongoing fallout from the credit crisis have raised the stakes in securities and finance matters around the world. Financial industry reform law in the US and elsewhere will have far-reaching implications for how companies are supervised and regulated, though the full impact of these changes will be unclear for some time. Other recent regulatory changes in Europe, Asia, and Australia have led to increases in class action litigation across the globe. Meanwhile, the financial markets continue to evolve and those tasked with enforcing them endeavor to keep pace, as the stakes remain high in this complex and turbulent economic environment.

For half a century, NERA experts have been central to client success in some of the world’s highest-profile cases related to litigation, regulation, and business challenges. NERA is widely recognized as a leading firm in the economics of securities, finance, and commerce. Our experts apply their skills in these areas to assist clients in securities litigation, commercial disputes, and risk management. Our economists employ economic theory and cutting-edge quantitative techniques, grounded in a thorough understanding of market facts, to provide practical approaches to, strategies for, and analyses of the challenges facing our clients. Our expert insights build on experience gained in academia, business, and the regulatory agencies.