Impact of Alternative ZEV Sales Mandates on California Motor Vehicle Emissions: A Comprehensive Study

The Situation

California’s "ZEV Mandate" requires large automobile manufacturers operating in California to sell "Zero Emissions Vehicles" in proportion to the number of conventional vehicles they sell. Current ZEVs are very expensive and have performance characteristics that make them difficult to sell to many consumers.

NERA's Role

NERA has performed a number of detailed analyses of the effects of California's ZEV Mandate on emissions of ozone-forming chemicals in the state. NERA has produced two major studies and a number of supplementary reports assessing the regulation's effects on the composition of the state's vehicle population and the resulting effects on overall vehicle emissions, including both direct emissions from vehicles and indirect emissions from electric generators and refineries. The work also includes an analysis of the macro-economic effects of the regulations on the state’s economy.

The Result

The client has won a preliminary injunction against the regulation, and the case is being appealed in federal court.