Wallace et al. vs Monier Lifetile et al., Superior Court of California [2005]

The Situation

Plaintiffs in a California class action lawsuit alleged that warranty and marketing materials produced by the defendant, Monier Lifetile, misrepresented the durability and longevity of Lifetile clay roofing tiles. NERA was retained by Monier Lifetile to interview homeowners with Lifetile roofs about their experience with the roof, and to determine whether any representations had been made to them at the time when they bought the house or installed the roof.

NERA's Role

NERA's survey experts designed a face-to-face interview of 384 homeowners regarding various building systems (roof, windows, and siding) in their homes. Homeowners were queried about their satisfaction with these systems, and about any representations made to them at the time when they purchased or installed these systems.

The Result

The results of the survey showed that most homeowners were satisfied with their roof tiles, and would have purchased the same roof if given the opportunity. The evidence played a role in the court's decision to decline to certify the class.