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Email: tom.braukmann@nera.com
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MSc in economics, Goethe University Frankfurt
BS in economics, Goethe University Frankfurt


Tom Braukmann is a Frankfurt-based Principal in NERA’s Global Transfer Pricing Practice. Mr. Braukmann provides expert advice to international corporations and mid-sized firms, and has led economic analysis in numerous cases. His experience includes preparing transfer pricing documentation, analyzing license fees for intellectual property, and planning and implementing transfer pricing systems.

Mr. Braukmann has helped companies to establish transfer pricing documentation for the first time, as well as in response to time-sensitive audits. He places an emphasis on understanding each client and its particular business, rather than using one-size-fits-all templates. In addition, he offers tailored advice on designing transfer pricing systems, increasing tax efficiency, and reducing audit risks.

In recent years, Mr. Braukmann has developed standardized approaches for the application of “profit splits” in the price setting of companies. He regularly plans and implements transfer pricing systems that are transparent and that work automatically as part of the accounting system of companies, thereby facilitating control over operating results and reducing audit risks.

Mr. Braukmann is co-author of two leading German textbooks, Transfer Pricing and Intellectual Property. He regularly presents at seminars, including, in recent months, “Transfer Pricing: The Planning and Construction of a Transfer Pricing System,” “Transfer Pricing in Audits,” and “Country-by-Country Reporting.”



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Transfer Pricing Forum July 2016 Published Article Dr. Alexander Voegele, Philip de Homont, Tom Braukmann
The Profit Split Method in Germany Published Article By Dr. Alexander Voegele, Philip de Homont, and Tom Braukmann