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23 March 2022/New York, NY—NERA Economic Consulting, a leading global provider of economic advice and analysis in business, legal, and regulatory matters, is pleased to announce that Tom Braukmann, Dr. Albert Bremser, Dr. Matthew Hoelle, Dr. Gabriella Monahova, Dr. Emily Walden, Dr. Daniel Werner, Dr. Claire Chunying Xie, and Dr. Tomohiko Yano have been promoted to Associate Director. In addition, Paul Cardona and Dr. Cristián Hernández have been promoted to Senior Consultant. Gaurav Ganguly, Edward Lannan, Dr. Molly Sapia, and Dr. Federico Sciacca are now Consultants.

Associate Director
Tom Braukmann provides expert advice to international corporations and mid-sized firms and has led economic analysis in numerous engagements. His experience includes preparing transfer pricing documentation, analyzing license fees for intellectual property, and planning and implementing transfer pricing systems.

Dr. Albert Bremser has more than 20 years of experience providing expert services before energy regulatory agencies and within commercial disputes. Dr. Bremser applies economic, finance, and accounting principles to matters typically involving regulated and unregulated energy and transportation industries. He also assists clients with economic damage and valuation analyses. Prior to NERA, Dr. Bremser was at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in the Office of Administrative Litigation as a FERC Trial Staff member. 

Dr. Matthew Hoelle specializes in competition economics, advising clients in the areas of antitrust, intellectual property, financial markets, damages modeling, and econometric analysis. He has submitted expert reports and testified at deposition. Prior to joining NERA, Dr. Hoelle was an Assistant Professor at Purdue University, where he taught courses in macroeconomic theory, asset pricing, mathematics for economists, and strategy. His research has primarily focused on the effects of monetary policy and fiscal policy.

Dr. Gabriella Monahova has extensive experience examining the competitive effects of proposed mergers and acquisitions in front of the FTC and DOJ. She has also analyzed allegations of anti-competitive behavior in antitrust litigation cases and international trade disputes. Her experience spans a variety of industries, including financial services and data, real estate, health care and health IT, medical products and devices, office supplies, construction products, retail and hospitality, and aircraft and automotive parts manufacturing.

Dr. Emily Walden has experience assessing the competitive effects of proposed mergers and acquisitions in a wide range of industries, including health care, oil and gas, and retail markets. In recent years, she has been involved in some of the largest health care mergers in the US, analyzing issues including market definition and market power, alleged monopolization, and price fixing.

Dr. Daniel Werner, CPA, provides analysis in support of complex intellectual property litigation, with expertise in matters involving economic damages, class certification, the valuation of product attributes, and other issues. He has provided expert witness testimony in cases involving allegations of lost profits, lost wages, and fraud. Dr. Werner was recently featured in two “40 Under 40” lists, one published by CPA Advisor and the other by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA).

Dr. Claire Chunying Xie conducts economic analysis in antitrust and intellectual property matters. She has evaluated competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions, analyzed antitrust claims in monopolization cases, and calculated damages in patent infringement cases. Her experience spans multiple industries including agriculture, data management, finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications.

Dr. Tomohiko Yano specializes in the economics of antitrust and securities and finance. Based in Tokyo, Dr. Yano has analyzed the competitive effects of many merger cases and the effect of alleged anticompetitive behavior, including price fixing, cartels, and antitrust class actions in a variety of industries, including oil, banks, and chemicals. He also performs economic assessments in securities litigations and financial disputes using econometric analysis and valuation of stocks and financial instruments.

About NERA

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