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NERA’s international team of antitrust experts has represented virtually all the Forbes Global 50 publicly traded companies in the US, Europe, and Japan and assisted 45 of the 50 largest law firms in the world.

NERA is a global leader in the economic analysis of antitrust and competition issues. Our team of antitrust experts has been at the forefront of analysis across the entire range of economic issues arising in antitrust and competition matters, including monopolization and abuse of dominance, collusion, mergers, pricing disputes, and unfair competition. NERA’s economic experts regularly provide expert testimony in antitrust litigation and deliver presentations and expert submissions to regulatory agencies worldwide.


NERAの独占禁止に関するエキスパートの国際チームは、米国、ヨーロッパ、日本の Forbes Global 50の上場企業のうち事実上すべての企業の代理を務め、また世界最大手の法律事務所 50社のうち45社を支援してきました。



NERA has extensive experience in merger reviews across virtually every industry and has been involved in all phases of merger review. This includes pre-deal assessments of antitrust risk for parties, calculating market shares, and responding to second requests and other requests for information from regulatory agencies across the world. NERA’s teams of experts—often collaborating on a global basis—have engaged extensively with antitrust agencies across the world, including the US Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice, the EU’s DG Comp, various national authorities in the EU (including in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain), the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, and competition agencies in Japan, Australia, and Brazil. 


NERA economists have given expert testimony and analysis on the economics of allegedly anticompetitive agreements among competitors, including price fixing, market allocation, bid rigging, information sharing, and other forms of collusion such as R&D and sustainability initiatives. Our experts have examined the entire spectrum of single-firm conduct, including exclusive agreements, loyalty rebates, refusals to deal, predatory pricing, tying, bundling, best-price clauses, and resale price maintenance. In addition to expert testimony, NERA assists clients throughout the litigation and regulatory-review processes, advising on case strategy, assisting with the discovery process, and participating in mediations and settlement discussions.

Class Certification

NERA experts have provided expert testimony and analysis relating to issues of class certification, including economic and statistical analyses of whether impact and damages can be assessed on a class-wide basis or whether individual evidence is necessary to determine impact. Our team members are skilled at analyzing large and complex datasets to highlight case-specific factors as to whether a class should be certified and to evaluate testable implications of common impact.


NERA economists have been at the forefront of applying advanced economic and econometric models to determine the quantum of damages associated with alleged anticompetitive conduct in both litigation and international arbitration. Our experts work closely with clients to create robust counterfactuals that are used to isolate the impact of alleged anticompetitive conduct on market outcomes. NERA’s consultants are skilled at presenting clear and compelling damage analyses to be used in court, mediations, and arbitrations. 


NERA’s global team of experts has supported parties engaged in investigations by antitrust agencies across the world. This includes investigations into alleged anticompetitive business practices and potential collusion, including price fixing and anticompetitive information exchanges. NERA has substantial experience across the entire investigatory process, from assisting parties with answering requests for information from agencies to engaging with agencies throughout an investigation and testifying in litigation as necessary. 

Competition Policy

NERA economists have been retained by clients to perform studies of the impact of competition policy and related policy initiatives across the world. This has included participating in requests for public comments, hearings, and other proceedings. This has also included conducting independent research and preparing white papers on issues that inform the debate on competition policy and related issues.