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NERA’s communications and internet experts are global leaders in applying the highest caliber of economic expertise to critical litigation, regulatory, and policy challenges faced by private and public entities in the rapidly converging digital communications and content marketplace.

We bring together expertise in economics and deep institutional knowledge of all aspects of the digital industry. This knowledge is rooted in real-world experience with the communications industry and regulatory agencies. Our communications and internet economists are thought-leaders in litigation, regulatory, and policy questions faced by telecommunications operators, edge providers, and hardware manufacturers. Our telecommunications expertise includes fixed line, hybrid-fiber-coaxial, mobile wireless, fixed wireless, satellite, and mobile virtual network providers. We also routinely advise in matters pertaining to network components, software, and high-tech consumer equipment. Our economists also lead in economic questions pertaining to broadcasters, digital content creators, search engines, digital marketplaces, and social networks.

NERA’s communications experts have a virtually unrivaled knowledge of the economics of communications, network and high-tech consumer equipment, and internet industries and of the regulatory and policy methods applied by governments and regulators makers. Clients confronting contract disputes, international arbitration matters, antitrust and competition complaints, and regulatory and policy questions turn to NERA because they trust our people, our rigorous methods, and our track record of powerful impact. They also know that institutional knowledge is key to a thorough analysis in these complex industries. Our experts have earned an outstanding reputation for compelling quantitative analysis, persuasive testimony, and skill under cross-examination.

NERA’s communications networks and media experts are recognized leaders in spectrum auctions and sales of other communications assets, such as broadcast licenses, sports rights, and corporate asset transfers. We have been involved spectrum auctions around the world, working either for government sellers or private bidders, and have an exceptional record of delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.



当社は、経済学の専門知識と、デジタル業界のあらゆる側面に関する深い組織的知識を結集しています。この知識は、通信業界や規制機関との実際の経験に根付いたものです。当社の通信およびインターネット分野のエコノミストは、通信事業者、エッジプロバイダー、ハードウェアメーカーが直面する訴訟、規制、政策の問題のソートリーダーです。当社は、固定回線、ハイブリッドファイバー同軸(HFC)、移動無線、固定無線、衛星、仮想移動体通信事業者などの通信に関する専門知識を有しています。また、ネットワーク コンポーネント、ソフトウェア、消費者向けハイテク機器に関しても定期的な助言を行っています。また当社のエコノミストは、放送局、デジタルコンテンツ制作者、検索エンジン、デジタル市場、ソーシャルネットワークに関する経済的問題についても主導しています。



Litigation and International Arbitration

Our communications and internet experts are recognized leaders in domestic litigation disputes and in international arbitrations. They have an unmatched reputation for independent and highly defensible analysis, based on rigorous economics and quantitative methods, and grounded in a thorough understanding of the industry, market forces, and the facts of the case. We work with our clients at all stages of litigation and international arbitration, ranging from pre-complaint counseling, damages calculations, exposure analyses, and liability review pertaining to the economic evidence.


Our experts combine first-hand regulatory experience in many countries with a deep understanding of the critical importance of economic theory and its practical application to regulatory policy. We help our clients understand the key regulatory issues and implications for their businesses, devise an appropriate regulatory strategy, and influence the decision-making process. Our work includes advice, reports, white papers, and expert testimonies regarding regulatory challenges, options, and disputes. We have substantial experience in the regulatory design of wholesale and retail markets, assessing the impact of regulatory decisions on market outcomes, and resolving complex regulatory challenges.


Rapid technological advances and increased competition have raised the profile of mergers, acquisitions, and horizontal cooperation agreements with in the telecommunications sector. They have also raised new questions about potential anticompetitive behavior involving patents and privacy, as well as new approaches to defining markets. Our experts apply their deep industry and regulatory expertise and economic training to help clients understand the potential implications of alleged anticompetitive behavior in investigations and disputes and to provide guidance as clients undertake network sharing agreements and mergers and acquisitions. We assist in merger analyses and pre-complaint counseling through discovery, direct and rebuttal testimonies, cross-examination, and oral testimony. Our work and industry expertise has earned us an outstanding reputation for compelling quantitative analysis and persuasive testimony and skill under cross-examination.

In matter pertaining to alleged retail market failures, our experts frequently clarify when regulation can improve the economic welfare of consumers and competitors and when regulatory forbearance is the better option. NERA has supplied economic advice and expert testimony on several major telecommunications mergers, including those involving legacy carriers, broadband providers, and mobile companies. Our team also has deep experience advising clients in high-profile investigations of network sharing agreements in markets around the world. We frequently testify on interconnection, provisioning, resale, tariff disputes, and other issues that arise in the competitive telecommunications environment. Our experts also advise on the design and use of safeguards against anticompetitive pricing (e.g., predatory pricing, cross-subsidy, and price squeeze).


Our auction experts utilize techniques derived from running and observing many hundreds of auctions, as well as academic research on game theory. We are familiar with all types of award formats, and our experts have been involved in developing new rules and launching innovative formats, such as the combinatorial clock auction. We also integrate this knowledge with traditional corporate finance methods to help bidders develop and execute bidding strategies. For sellers, we provide support on every aspect of the auction process, from product design and marketing to detailed bidding rules and software implementation.