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NERA experts are distinguished leaders in the insurance industry, utilizing their first-rate knowledge and understanding of economics, finance, statistics, accounting, valuation, risk management, and strategic analysis to develop industry evaluations.

Our experts provide oral and written testimony in litigation and regulatory proceedings. We have worked with insurers, reinsurers, regulators, and policymakers on insurance product and industry-related matters. Our substantial experience means clients are provided knowledgeable advice regarding insurance markets and competition and the valuation of insurance and reinsurance contracts. 

Business Interruption Claims

NERA insurance experts assist clients unable to execute their firm’s business due to damage to covered facilities from a covered peril. Our experts—which include accountants capable of analyzing historical accounting records, company work papers, and insurer work papers—provide a full understanding of the insurer’s investigation and quantify loss mitigation and other related issues.  

Financial Risk Management

NERA recognizes the necessity of evaluating risks holistically to successfully mitigate them. Our financial risk management experts assist clients in measuring individual risk exposures by modeling and analyzing the effects of combined risks to financial and non-financial institutions. NERA experts have assisted various industry bodies, such as the Group of Thirty, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, and the Treasury Management Association, in developing risk management principles and evaluating best practices. Our experts have a distinct ability to evaluate the trends that are likely to be the best practices of tomorrow. 

Class Certification and Class Actions

NERA insurance experts combine deep industry knowledge with expertise in economics, finance, statistics, and accounting to address insurance-related class action litigation. Our experts have experience generating random samples, extracting information from claims files, and working with claims file data on class certification issues. We also have the quantitative skills to calculate damages for insurance products including complex financial products and, when needed, work with actuaries and other claims experts.

Insurance Markets and Competition

Our team understands the unique industry regulations and dynamics associated with insurance and reinsurance markets. We provide analyses of market competition within these contexts. We have analyzed market structure questions for life, health, and property casualty insurers; reinsurers; and insurance intermediaries. Our experts provide guidance on a variety of services such as analysis of business models, cost estimates for alternative distribution systems, and analysis of new products.

D&O Coverage

NERA experts have backgrounds in securities class actions that allow them to effectively and efficiently help parties reach reasonable settlements. We use a comparison of actual versus predicted settlements to estimate and analyze how far our predictions fall from the award and how likely such a difference is. 

Health Insurance

Our advisory efforts within health insurance are bolstered by the economics of the industry and a practical understanding of the market dynamics that drive competition in healthcare. We recognize the importance of understanding both monopoly and monopsony and have played major roles in evaluating the competitive impact of proposed mergers and acquisitions in the field while working with consumers, providers, employers, and third-party payers. 

Insurance and Reinsurance Valuation

NERA’s insurance experts provide insurer and reinsurer valuations by utilizing their experience and knowledge of financial statements, regulatory findings, statutory accounting, and actuarial data. In addition to valuation expertise, we have a thorough understanding of insurance accounting statements, loss reserving, asset valuation, capital requirements, and insurance contracts. We value insurance firms and contracts accurately and provide insurance buyers with estimates of the expected risk exposure. 

Mass Torts and Product Liability

NERA’s mass tort and product liability projects range from valuing liabilities in multibillion-dollar bankruptcies to assessing potential exposure before products have been marketed. Our experts bring together the required disciplines—including economics, statistics, accounting, epidemiological modeling, computer programming, and insurance modeling—to address complex valuation problems arising in these matters. We have experience working on cases regarding asbestos, industrial chemicals, food additives, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, and other areas.