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NERA is a global leader in economic regulation, competition investigations, disputes, cost benefit and economic impact analysis, due diligence, and statistical analysis. We use a variety of techniques drawing on clear economic theory based on first principles, econometric analysis, and sophisticated models for a variety of purposes such as cost and pricing analysis, forecasting, and modeling.
NERA’s work covers all areas of the transport and infrastructure sector, driving improved outcomes through the rigorous application of microeconomic principles and techniques. We help transport and infrastructure operators and their associations, governments, governmental bodies, international agencies, and regulators. We frequently collaborate with bankers, lawyers, public affairs consultants, transport planners, engineers, and other technical specialists.
Our experts have extensive experience in the areas of rail, aviation, urban transport, roads, digital mobility, vehicles, maritime industries, and wider aspects of infrastructure and regularly address sector-wide issues. We have centers of gravity in London; Berlin; Paris; New York City; San Francisco; Washington, DC; and New Zealand. We work in conjunction with experts in NERA’s other practices and global network of offices to provide extensive sector experience to our clients worldwide.