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NERA Economic Consulting is pleased to welcome senior transfer pricing economists with Horst Frisch Incorporated to our Washington, DC office. Thomas Meyer joins as a Director, Richard Bruch as an Associate Director, and Dr. Daniel Frisch, Dr. Scott Newlon, and Dr. Barbara Rollinson as Affiliated Consultants.  

“It is my pleasure to welcome such renowned tax experts to NERA,” said Dr. Emmanuel Llinares, Chair of NERA’s Transfer Pricing Practice. “In an environment where the role of economic analysis in transfer pricing and more broadly in international tax is likely to play an even more important role, our newly combined expertise is second to none in the economic consulting market.” 

Drawing on over 25 years of transfer pricing experience, Thomas Meyer provides expert analysis to multinational companies, law firms, and government agencies on a wide spectrum of transfer pricing issues involving tax planning, penalty documentation, cost sharing arrangements, intangible asset valuation, and advance pricing agreements. He has testified before the US Tax Court and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Richard Bruch provides transfer pricing guidance to US and foreign multinational companies and the IRS to assist with tax planning, documentation, controversy, and advance pricing agreements. Mr. Bruch holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and BA degrees in economics and mathematical methods in the social sciences from Northwestern University.

Dr. Daniel Frisch is a widely recognized authority on the economics of transfer pricing, international tax policy, and revenue estimation in international tax issues. He has testified before the US Tax Court, the Tax Court of Canada, and in an Administrative Appeals Tribunal in Australia as an expert witness in transfer pricing proceedings. Dr. Frisch co-founded the boutique transfer pricing consultancy Horst Frisch Incorporated. 

Dr. Scott Newlon is an authority on transfer pricing and international taxation. He has provided expert analysis to US and foreign multinationals and to the IRS and state and foreign tax authorities. He has assisted clients with economic analysis of tax policy issues and presented his analysis to Treasury Department and Congressional committee staff. Dr. Newlon has also testified before the US Tax Court and the House Ways and Means Committee.

Dr. Barbara Rollinson specializes in the economic analysis of transfer pricing issues. She has provided guidance to US and foreign multinational corporations as well as various tax authorities to assist with tax planning, documentation, controversy, and advance pricing agreements.

About NERA

Since 1961, NERA has provided unparalleled guidance on the most important market, legal, and regulatory questions of the day. Our work has shaped industries and policy around the world. Our field-leading experts and deep experience allows us to provide rigorous analysis, reliable expert testimony, and data-powered policy recommendations for the world’s leading law firms and corporations as well as regulators and governments. Our experience, integrity, and economic ingenuity mean you can depend on us in the face of your biggest economic and financial challenges.