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Washington, DC
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MSc in energy science, technology, and policy, Carnegie Mellon University
MSc in chemical engineering, National University of Singapore
BEng in chemical engineering, R. V. College of Engineering, Bangalore 


Bharat Ramkrishnan is a Consultant in NERA’s Energy and Environmental Economics Practices. He has extensive experience modeling the economic impacts of national and regional environmental regulations in the US and has worked with electric and gas utilities, trade associations, and policymakers on energy and environmental issues. He has analyzed the implementation of regional and economy-wide regulatory measures and carbon taxes on the use of fossil fuels. He has also conducted integrated assessments on health impacts from changes in air quality standards and prospective cohort-based health risk simulation analyses. Mr. Ramkrishnan has supported clients in the design of electricity rates associated with the deployment of different levels of electric vehicle penetration in the US, evaluating the air quality benefits associated with the tightening of nitrogen oxide (NOx) exhaust emission standards for heavy-duty highway vehicles, and assessing the likelihood of different levels of US liquefied natural gas exports and the associated impact on natural gas markets and the economy. 

Title Type Author
A Simulation-Based Assessment of Alternative Explanations for Apparent Confounding in... Published Article By Dr. Garrett Glasgow, Bharat Ramkrishnan, Dr. Anne E. Smith, et al.
A Simulation-Based Assessment of the Ability to Detect Thresholds in Chronic Risk Con... Published Article By Dr. Garrett Glasgow, Bharat Ramkrishnan, Dr. Anne E. Smith
Impacts of Greenhouse Gas Regulations on the Industrial Sector Report By Dr. Paul Bernstein, Dr. Sugandha Tuladhar, Bharat Ramkrishnan, et al.