Dr. Taku Masuda



Tel: +81 3 6871 7047
Fax: +81 3 6871 7057

Email: taku.masuda@nera.com
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PhD in economics, The University of Tokyo, Japan
MA in economics, The University of Tokyo, Japan
BA in liberal arts, International Christian University, Japan 


Dr. Taku Masuda is a Consultant in NERA’s Antitrust and Competition Practice. 

In the field of economic impact estimation and demand forecasting, he has experience in estimating the economic ripple effect of a joint venture between a foreign and domestic company for the construction of a large-scale leisure facility and providing advice on the scale of construction based on demand forecasting. He has also been involved in evaluating the profitability of sporting events for professional sports teams and local governments.

In the area of intellectual property litigation, he has advised a major domestic medical device manufacturer, a major domestic industrial equipment manufacturer and others on the calculation of economic damages associated with patent infringement and product quality fraud, as well as the calculation of potential settlement amounts and the development of settlement negotiation strategies.

In the area of antitrust law, he provides support for domestic and foreign companies entering into business combinations, including cross-border mergers and acquisitions, by assessing the risks of responding to examinations by the Fair Trade Commission and other competition authorities in various countries.

Prior to joining NERA, he worked at one of Japan's largest financial advisory services companies, where he was involved in the same type of work.



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