Dr. Tomohiko Yano



Tel: +81 3 6871 7045
Fax: +81 3 6871 7057

Email: tomohiko.yano@nera.com
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PhD in economics, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
MA in economics, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo
BA in literature, Waseda University, Tokyo


Dr. Yano specializes in economic analysis for antitrust and securities litigation in Japan and other countries.

In his antitrust practice, Dr. Yano provides economic analysis on matters involving alleged price fixing, cartels, antitrust class actions, and the competitive effect of mergers in a variety of industries, including energy, steel, and chemicals.

Dr. Yano also performs economic assessments in securities and finance matters. He has experience conducting valuations of stock purchase "squeeze-outs," and estimating the damage on stockholders caused by the company’s misstatement using event study analysis and regression analysis. Dr. Yano also has experience preparing expert reports on the valuation of complex financial instruments such as convertible bonds.

He has provided research papers for government on issues related to competition policy, such as the welfare effect of resale price maintenance and potential antitrust issues in industries with a two-sided platform.

Dr. Yano received his PhD in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where his research focused on estimation of structural models in industries that stores are involved in price competition and are differentiated in location, using the data on the US movie theater industry. 



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