Hans-Martin Ihle

Associate Director


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Email: hans.ihle@nera.com
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Master of Philosophy in Economics, University of Cambridge, UK
Bachelor of Science in Economics, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
Bachelor of Science in Business Studies, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany


Hans-Martin Ihle is a member of NERA's global Auctions Practice, which focuses on the design of allocation mechanisms, including auctions and trading, bidding strategy, and related competition, pricing, regulatory, and public policy issues. Mr. Ihle has nearly 10 years of experience in the design and implementation of auctions. He advises NERA clients on auctions and regulatory issues in energy, communications, and other sectors worldwide with a focus on the Asia-Pacific Region.

Prior to joining NERA, Mr. Ihle worked for an economic consultancy in London. During this time, he advised on the design and implementation of spectrum auctions in over a dozen countries. Mr. Ihle also implemented the software used in seven combinatorial spectrum auctions in Europe to determine winners and prices from thousands of competing bids.

Mr. Ihle advises both government bodies and companies on regulatory and policy issues in relation to spectrum management. For example, he advised UK regulator Ofcom on the development of methodologies for setting annual licence fees for liberalised 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum to reflect full market value. His advice included the development and implementation of methodologies to determine the full market value of comparable spectrum sold in the 4G auction in 2013 using the bids submitted in this auction. For bidders, he has convened workshops on bidding strategy and run mock auctions to help the bid team understand the likely dynamics of the real auction. Mr. Ihle has developed software to support the chosen bid strategy and to analyze the behavior of other bidders. He also provides onsite client support during auctions.

In the energy arena, Mr. Ihle has worked on the design of a procurement auction for balancing services. He has also conducted research on a novel mechanism to remunerate capacity in electricity markets.

Mr. Ihle holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Cambridge, where he specialized in industrial organization, game theory, and applied econometrics.

Title Type Author
Improving Mobile Coverage in Mature Markets White Paper By Hans-Martin Ihle and Dr. Will Taylor
The Impact of High Spectrum Costs on Mobile Network Investment and Consumer Prices White Paper By Richard Marsden, Hans-Martin Ihle, and Peter Traber
Effective Spectrum Pricing: Supporting Better Quality and More Affordable Mobile Serv... Report By Richard Marsden, Dr. Bruno Soria, and Hans-Martin Ihle
Success Strategies in New Japanese Electric Power Market Published Article By Hans-Martin Ihle et al.
Electricity Market Reform in Japan: Bumpy Road Ahead Published Article By Hans-Martin et al.
Mechanisms to Incentivize Shared-Use of Spectrum Report By Richard Marsden and Hans-Martin Ihle