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Hans-Martin Ihle is an expert in game theory, auctions, and corporate strategy with nearly 15 years of experience. His main area of expertise is in spectrum auctions where he has helped design and implement more than 20 high-stakes auctions for regulators and governments worldwide. He also provides strategic and spectrum valuation advice to mobile operators in spectrum auctions and develops strategies to secure the best possible spectrum portfolio at the lowest possible price, giving his clients a lasting strategic advantage over their competitors.


Mr. Ihle has experience with all combinatorial and non-combinatorial auction formats used in spectrum auctions, including the SMRA, CCA, clock auction, and sealed-bid auctions. His bid strategy advice is based on extensive simulations and mock auctions to identify the optimal strategy. For onsite support during auctions, he develops bid-decision tools using optimization and machine-learning techniques that visualize and analyze bid data during an auction deriving crucial insights and supporting the chosen bid strategy.

Mr. Ihle advises government agencies and private-sector companies worldwide on the allocation, pricing, and valuation of spectrum, predominantly for mobile, but also for other uses. He is the co-author of a leading report for the GSMA on spectrum pricing.

Mr. Ihle works on the design and implementation of auctions in the gas, electricity, and water sectors. Most recently, he advised on the design and implementation of several combinatorial auctions in Australian gas markets. He has also designed and implemented a trading scheme for groundwater extraction rights along the Platte River in Nebraska and worked on the World Bank’s Pilot Auction Facility for Methane and Climate Mitigation.


  • MPhil in economics, University of Cambridge, UK
  • BS in economics, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
  • BS in business studies, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany








  • イギリス ケンブリッジ大学 経済学修士
  • マルティンルター大学 経済学・経営学学士


  • 英語
  • ドイツ語
  • 日本語