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Heiner Lindenlaub has over a decade of experience advising in antitrust and competition consultation and litigation matters, with a particular specilization in the economic analysis of horizontal and vertical mergers.

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Mr. Lindenlaub's merger work spans a wide range of industries including e-commerce, financial services, consumer products, grocery retailing, industrial parts, automotive parts, medical devices, health insurance, and oil and gas. He has also consulted on various monopolization claims involving issues related to bundling, rebates, patent hold-up, royalty payments, and refusal to supply.

Prior to joining NERA, Mr. Lindenlaub served as an economic advisor in the Mergers Directorate of the UK Competition Commission in London (the Competition and Markets Authority's predecessor). He previously worked as an economic consultant in Washington, DC; Berlin, and Brussels.


  • MSc in economics, University of Warwick
  • BA in economics and social sciences, University of Erfurt