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Christine Siegwarth Meyer is one of the foremost testifying economists in complex commercial litigation and arbitration involving intellectual property, antitrust claims, and commercial damages. She has worked across a wide range of industries and has field-leading expertise in intellectual property issues related to pharmaceuticals. Dr. Meyer is a founding member of the firm’s life sciences industry group.


In intellectual property matters, Dr. Meyer has assessed damages and provided expert testimony concerning issues arising from patent, trademark, and copyright infringement; the misappropriation of trade secrets; and breaches of contract. She has considerable experience analyzing lost profits, reasonable royalties, price erosion, commercial success, and irreparable harm and has been retained on behalf of branded and generic pharmaceutical firms in matters including small molecule as well as biologic products. Dr. Meyer’s trial testimony regarding the calculation of a reasonable royalty rate for patent infringement by a generic pharmaceutical firm was cited by judges in a $98.5 million lawsuit in the US and in a C$180 million lawsuit in Canada.

Dr. Meyer’s expertise includes the evaluation of antitrust claims and damages in cases involving IP issues, including alleged reverse payments, antitrust counterclaims to patent cases, claims of fraudulently obtained patents, and monopolization claims. She has analyzed the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions, the volume of commerce for criminal investigations, and antitrust claims and damages in cases involving alleged resale price maintenance, monopolization, and price discrimination.

Dr. Meyer has testified as an expert witness in bench and jury trials in state and federal courts in the US, including in the Southern District of New York and the Southern District of California; in Canada; and before the High Court of Justice of England and Wales. She has testified in domestic and international arbitration, including before the ICC. She has also written, testified, and presented white papers to the US Department of Justice and the US Federal Trade Commission, including during the FTC’s “The Evolving IP Marketplace” hearings. Dr. Meyer writes articles and book chapters about patent infringement damages and other topics and is a sought-after speaker on economic issues related to intellectual property.


  • PhD in economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (National Science Foundation Fellow)
  • BS in economics, United States Military Academy (distinguished cadet)