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NERA is proud to sponsor the regulation session at the GAD World Conference, a multi-day event bringing together about 500 investors, operators, and advisors from the airports sector.

On 12 November, NERA Managing Director Dr. Richard Hern and Director Daniel Hanson will discuss the future of airport regulation during a session that will assess whether airport regulation can deliver for both customers and investors in a rapidly changing world. They will evaluate the need for lateral thinking and innovative approaches in an increasingly risky environment.

On 13 November, Associate Director Dominik Huebler will participate in a panel titled “Regulating to Support Sustainable Airport Business Models and Deliver Infrastructure Development.” Mr. Huebler will discuss how countries like France, Italy, Germany, and Greece are moving in very different directions and how this variation fits in with the European Commission’s findings on the Airport Charges Directive’s fitness for purpose. With stakeholders from Brazil, Australia, and the Middle East, the session will also explore different approaches taken by regulators from outside of Europe and what stakeholders in airport regulation in different parts of the world can learn from one another.

Mr. Hanson will also chair proceedings for the session that covers presentations on economic regulation from ACI Europe and the Irish aviation regulator.