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NERA Managing Director Rick Eichmann and Senior Consultant Dr. Kate Foreman will participate in separate panel discussions at the Antitrust West Coast Conference in San Francisco on 17 November. 

Mr. Eichmann will present on the panel titled “IP & Antitrust: Considerations for the High-Tech Sector,” at 12:20 pm PST. Mr. Eichmann and panelists will discuss:

  • Recent cases;
  • Reviewing Standards and Essential patents and the role of industry bodies;
  • FRAND and SEPs;
  • IP issues in merger control law;
  • Technology licensing including cross licensing and settlements; and
  • Contractual issues, components/replacement supplies.

Dr. Foreman will present on the panel titled “Mergers: Developments and Debates in the Digital Era” at 10:00 am PST, and will join fellow experts to discuss:

  • Recent horizontal and vertical mergers in the digital space;
  • The role of non-price factors (e.g., innovation, pipeline, competition for talent);
  • Killer acquisitions;
  • Consumer welfare vs. public interest;
  • Trends in the use of economic analysis in mergers; and
  • Recent developments in the use of remedies.

NERA is proud to sponsor this event addressing global issues in antitrust and competition.