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On 26 January 2022, NERA Managing Director Richard Marsden and Associate Director Dr. Soren Tang Sorensen participated in “The European 5G Conference 2022.” The conference aims to outline key themes of securing European and global 5G networks and pushing the limits of 5G. The conference also discusses the right mix of spectrum for the next generation of 5G connectivity and a streamlined rollout of 5G networks in urban areas.

Mr. Marsden moderated a panel discussing the delivery of digital equality to meet the target of 5G connectivity for all by 2030. The panel examined different technologies, spectrum bands, and connectivity models that will need to be part of the solution to meet the target and explored the extent to which regulatory intervention will be required. The panelists highlighted the definition of 5G in relation to the targets that have been set, and how communities across Europe can meet different connectivity requirements.

Dr. Sorensen moderated a panel that examined powering enterprises, specifically questioning the best approach to meet vertical connectivity and how it can be delivered to maximize the benefits of 5G. The session evaluated the impacts of divergent approaches, the need for intervention to produce a coordinated European approach, and the necessity of regulatory intervention to meet the connectivity needs of vertical sectors.