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Recent geopolitical events have accelerated efforts by the European Union to achieve energy resilience by expediting green energy development. The EU has pledged to build ~300 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2050. Developing a coordinated offshore and onshore transmission infrastructure in a technical and efficient way will be challenging.

On 14 March, Associate Director Dominik Huebler will speak at the 4th Annual Offshore Wind Transmission Europe conference. Mr. Huebler will join BlackRock Alternatives Managing Director Stephane Tetot, Voltiq Partner Quentin Le Noac’h, Invest-NL Senior Business Development Manager Diederik Apotheker, and University of Groningen Assistant Professor in Energy Law Dr. Ceciel Nieuwenhout. The panel will address:

  • Financing options for offshore wind projects and how to ensure returns in a complex and competitive market;
  • The need for continued state and federal incentives;
  • Strategies to make projects more bankable and secure;
  • The impact of regulations on financing;
  • Learnings from past projects; and
  • Supply chain risks on finance and insurance.