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On 4 May, NERA Managing Director Richard Marsden will moderate a panel of experts and academics at the 6G Global Summit in Manama, Bahrain. In a session titled “Challenges and Opportunities of High Frequency mmWave and Terahertz Bands for 6G,” Mr. Marsden and the panel will examine the challenges of rolling out networks in high-frequency ranges and discuss the potential timeline for the emergence of a 6G ecosystem in the high range frequencies.

The panel will focus on:

  • Issues and challenges with the rollout of networks in mmWave frequencies and the impact on the study of higher frequencies across terahertz bands;
  • The ultimate goal for the use of mmWave and terahertz frequencies for International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) services;
  • Widespread mobile broadband rollout;
  • Future 6G services’ fit with existing and other new services in the band;
  • What lessons from previous experience with mmWave bands can be applied to the rollout and switch from terahertz frequencies to 6G for a smooth transition;
  • The role of regulators to provide an environment that enables the potential of key bands; and
  • Different approaches to licensing in the band.