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On 19 September, NERA Senior Managing Director Benjamin Chee will moderate a panel at the Renewable Energy Markets (REM™) 2023 conference in a session titled “Latest Corporate PPA Trends and Lessons That Can Be Applied in Emerging Markets.”

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are the lifeblood of the renewable energy sector, driving the development and deployment of clean energy projects worldwide. The expert panel will delve into the complexities multinational companies and procurement sponsors face as they navigate the landscape of renewable energy procurement through PPAs and other contracting mechanisms. The panel will explore the distinct challenges and emerging trends that shape developed and emerging markets, offering valuable insights to inform renewable energy strategies.

In a separate session on 19 September, NERA Senior Managing Director Benjamin Chee and NERA Analyst Jane Kim will lead a small group discussion titled “Community Renewable Projects: Trends and Challenges.” The session will help the audience discover how community renewable programs are revolutionizing access to sustainable energy, reaching previously underserved groups such as renters and low-to-moderate income customers. These innovative initiatives empower efficient project siting, capitalizing on renewable resource locations while facilitating the development of larger-scale projects, resulting in enhanced economies of scale and increased capacity factors.

Mr. Chee and Ms. Kim will delve into the intricate world of community renewable energy projects, exploring key issues and current adoption practices and sharing invaluable insights and best practices to drive policy development and program adoption forward.

The annual REM™ conference convenes a broad spectrum of industry professionals who are rapidly transforming the global clean energy marketplace. For over 25 years, REM™ has remained the leading forum for promoting and accelerating the clean energy economy.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit the REM website here