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NERA Vice President Sarah Butler designed and conducted research to assist Arnold and Porter with its investigation of pharmacists’ awareness of and preference for electronic labeling or printed package inserts. Specifically, this research addresses how and to what extent pharmacists use the printed package inserts, how printed package inserts help to facilitate the appropriate dispensing of medication, and pharmacists’ perceptions of potential exclusive e-labeling schemes.

A national sample of 400 pharmacists across the United States completed this survey. The survey was conducted according to standard research practice.

The survey results demonstrate that the overwhelming majority of pharmacists consult the printed package inserts with regularity and use the information contained therein to facilitate their practice. Pharmacists are generally not familiar with e-labeling. While they can see some benefit to information provided online, the majority indicates that both printed inserts and e-labeling would be important tools for providing access to critical, clinical information. Even of the pharmacists who prefer e-labeling, over one-third indicate that they want printed package inserts to be provided with the product. In other words, of those professionals who indicate they prefer e-labeling, one-third still want the ability to consult and rely on printed package inserts as they currently use this information source.