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The amount of financial penalties imposed by the FCA dropped substantially in the second half of the 2015/16 financial year, to less than £100 million, compared to nearly £800 million in the first half of the year. Learn about the factors that drove this decline—and more—in NERA’s new report, Trends in Regulatory Enforcement in UK Financial Markets: 2015/16 Year-End Report.

NERA’s latest report analyses trends drawn from a proprietary database of fines, criminal prosecution, and other enforcement activity by the FCA, in order to look behind the headline numbers. In particular, NERA’s report examines critical areas of importance for the FCA and its stakeholders, including:

  • FCA enforcement activity and criminal prosecution in 2015/16;
  • The FCA’s enforcement priorities for 2016/17 and beyond;
  • Broader economic and financial trends that may affect the risks and conduct issues faced by the regulator;
  • Emerging areas within the financial markets that could raise enforcement issues in future; and
  • FCA fines in the context of other conduct-related costs for financial institutions.

Read NERA’s full report for an in-depth analysis of the regulator’s 2015/16 financial year, as well as our outlook for enforcement in future and a discussion of the economic and financial market indicators that may influence the FCA agenda.