Innovative Strategies for Litigating Class Actions

Los Angeles, California
12 November 2007
Hosted By: Law Seminars International

Class actions dominate the litigation landscape. They create massive liability exposure for defendants, attract the attention of legislators, inspire bad press (and sometimes good press), have the capability to overwhelm corporate public relations, and draw whistleblowers out of the woodwork. Furthermore, enactment of the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 and Proposition 64 in California have created major challenges for class action plaintiffs, but the extent and efficacy of the new defenses based on these developments is still unclear.

Whether in finance, securities, antitrust, consumer protection, employment, or other areas, class actions multiply and magnify the risks of mis-steps in litigation. This Law Seminars International conference, held in Los Angeles on 12-13 November 2007, focused on the state and federal laws affecting class actions and class arbitrations, as well as innovative strategies to successfully litigate and meet the business and legal challenges of class actions. NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Alan Cox delivered a presentation on the role of expert testimony in class action litigation. Dr. Cox discussed recent developments in the role of economic experts testifying on class certification, particularly in securities and antitrust litigation.

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