Commercial Strategies for Downstream LNG

Barcelona, Spain
08 July 2008
Hosted By: International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC)

NERA Director Dr. Fabrizio Hernández delivered a presentation at Energy IQ’s 4th annual Commercial Strategies for Downstream LNG, held on 8-10 July in Barcelona. Industry experts convened at this conference to discuss the EU's 3rd legislative package, how to make a terminal attractive to LNG suppliers, how to guarantee the flow of LNG through the terminal in the Terminal Use Agreement and the impact of new terminals on the EU market for LNG, and the global market. In his presentation, Dr. Hernández addressed the impact of new regasification infrastructure development in the European LNG marketplace. In particular, he focused on the potential impact of limited liquefaction capability on regasification capacity and on whether increased regasification infrastructure will speed up the LNG supply chain.

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