Mergers from Strategy to Hearing: Strategies for Litigating a Merger

Audio Conference from 12:00 - 1:30pm EDT
28 June 2010
Hosted By: the American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law Trial Practice Committee

This presentation, part of a series of presentations on "Mergers from Strategy to Hearing," will focus on how litigation strategies may change to accommodate merger analysis under the new merger guidelines. Panelists will present litigation strategies and considerations both from the point of view of those opposing the merger as well as those defending the merger. The program will consider how the parties may use economic analysis to explain their respective and divergent views to the judge. The program concludes a series of presentations that have followed the lifecycle of a planned merger from the initial decision to merge, through first filings, responding to a second request, working productively with the agencies through the process, and now to the final stage of litigations those issues that could not be resolved pre-trial. NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Lauren Stiroh is the program coordinator, and Senior Vice President Dr. Ramsey Shehadeh will be participating as a panelist.

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