ABA Section of Antitrust Law 59th Annual Antitrust Spring Meeting

Washington, DC
30 March 2011
Hosted By: the ABA Section of Antitrust Law

Members of NERA's Global Antitrust and Competition Practice joined an expert faculty at the ABA Section of Antitrust Law's three-day annual meeting in Washington, DC on 30 March - 1 April 2011 for a comprehensive review of developments in antitrust and consumer protection law.
On the first day, Vice President Dr. Elizabeth M. Bailey participated in a panel, "Behavioral Economics: Departing from the Rational-Actor Model?" which was chaired by Dr. Ramsey Shehadeh, Senior Vice President and Chair of NERA's Antitrust and Competition Practice. The panelists explained the "bounded rationality" of behavioral economics, explored its relevance to antitrust, and considered how it might affect outcomes in antitrust enforcement and litigation.
On the second day, Special Consultant Dr. Richard Rapp participated in a session entitled "Innovation and Mergers: Evaluating the Potential Benefits, Harms, and Remedies." This session focused on the analytical framework for evaluating the innovation effects of mergers and the role of innovation in crafting merger remedies.

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