2012 Annual Competition Law Fall Conference

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
20 September 2012
Hosted By: the Canadian Bar Association (CBA)

NERA Economic Consulting was a proud sponsor of the Canadian Bar Association's 2012 Annual Competition Law Fall Conference, held in Gatineau, Quebec on 20-21 September 2012. Competition law enforcement is now a regular feature of the Canadian business landscape and competition lawyers require, now more than ever, a comprehensive understanding of recent developments, including in-depth analysis of current cases and enforcement practices.

On Thursday, 20 September, Professor Michael Baye, the Bert Elwert Professor of Business at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business and a Special Consultant to NERA, participated in a session entitled "The CCS Case Deconstructed." The CCS case, in which Professor Baye testified as an economic expert, was the first contested merger since 2005. The case raised a number of new issues for businesses and their advisors to consider, including: the scope and meaning of prevention of competition; the use of dissolution as a merger remedy; the Bureau's review of non-notifiable transactions; the efficiency defense; and the role of third party complainants. Professor Baye and his co-panelists discussed the case's implications on mergers and merger litigation in Canada.

Learn more about the 2012 Annual Competition Law Fall Conference via the CBA website.

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