Balancing Public Interest and Private Investment Risk

New York, New York
24 April 2012
Hosted By: the Marsh & McLennan companies of Oliver Wyman, Mercer, Marsh, and NERA Economic Consulting

Infrastructure has become a hot topic as both investors and policymakers seek to come to grips with the infrastructure challenges facing the United States and other parts of the world. The topic of infrastructure risk, however, is less well understood -- and critically important to getting projects funded and built with private-sector participation. This conference, hosted by the Marsh & McLennan companies of NERA Economic Consulting, Oliver Wyman, Mercer, and Marsh in New York City on 24 April 2012, focused on key infrastructure risk topics related to the public interest and private investment: public policy and regulation; bankability; demand and revenue risks; refinancing; and sustainability. As part of the program, NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Jeff D. Makholm moderated a panel session entitled "Shaping Public Policy To Mitigate Investment Risk."

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