The 2014 Middle East & North Africa Spectrum Management Conference

Doha, Qatar
11 December 2014
Hosted By: Forum Global in cooperation with knowledge partners NERA Economic Consulting and Aetha Consulting

NERA Economic Consulting served as knowledge partner for Forum Global's Middle East & North Africa Spectrum Management Conference, held in Doha, Qatar on 11 December 2014. In the role as knowledge partner, NERA advised on the agenda for the event and helped to identify expert speakers on spectrum management issues across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

In addition, NERA Senior Consultant Dr. Soren Tang Sorensen chaired and moderated a session on best practices for spectrum awards. Market mechanisms, such as auctions, trading, and incentive pricing, are increasingly being used by regulators around the world to promote efficient use of spectrum. To date, however, the use of such mechanisms in the MENA region has been relatively limited. This session explored the scope for future use of market mechanisms in spectrum awards across the region. As part of the program, Dr. Sorensen presented "Spectrum allocation mechanisms and delivering mobile broadband policy objectives in MENA region."

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