Natural Gas Power Plan Development: For New and Converted Generation Facilities

Indianapolis, IN
28 July 2015 - 29 July 2015
Hosted By: EUCI

Fully half of all new generation in the US in 2014 consisted of new gas generation plants. With the projected retirement of 65 GW of coal-fired generation by 2020, this expansion of gas plant development will only accelerate. The availability of economically-priced natural gas due to hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is also projected to continue. The proposed much-stricter EPA air quality rules are likely to hasten the demise of even more coal generation, while most current gas-fired plants demonstrate they already operate under the proposed rules’ criteria. This course will offer a detailed overview of the process of developing gas-fired generation, for both new and conversion facilities. It will address market analysis, site location methodology, design and technology considerations, fuel pricing, plant development, and permitting processes. At this workshop, hosted by EUCI, NERA Senior Vice President Sandra Ringelstetter Ennis and Vice President Scott Bloomberg will deliver a presentation entitled “Assessing the Market for Gas Plant Development — New and/or Conversion from Prior Use.” The session will provide an overview of selected organized markets, and will look at the issues of assessing demand; the energy, capacity, and ancillary services markets; the current supply mix and expected coal plant retirements; and other issues to consider in the development decision. 

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