European Antitrust Enforcement for Pay-For-Delay Settlements

Live Webcast
10 September 2015
Hosted By: The Knowledge Congress

Reverse payment settlement is one of the few schemes that may be used to delay generic entry of possible competitors. However, several pharmaceutical companies, which have been entering into these “pay-for-delay” agreements, are facing costly investigations for violating EU antitrust rules.

NERA Vice President Dr. David Blackburn is participating in a live webcast that will include in-depth discussion of pay-for-delay settlements. Dr. Blackburn and his fellow panelists will also offer best practices in developing and implementing an effective antitrust policy to help ensure compliance with relevant IP laws.

Complimentary passes are available for the first 30 registrants. Once all of the passes are used, attendees can register for the discounted rate of $25 each, courtesy of NERA Economic Consulting.

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