Japan Global Competition Law Forum

Tokyo, Japan
22 May 2015
Hosted By: Wolters Kluwer

This Kluwer Law event will address the challenges faced by in-house counsel in the competition law arena. NERA Vice President Dr. Hiroaki Ishigaki will participate in two panels: in the first panel, he will discuss the effective usage of economics in antitrust merger review, and in the second, he will discuss the economics aspect of antitrust compliance.

Other panel topics will include:
- Private Antitrust Enforcement in China
- EU Competition law and IP: recent developments
- Competition Law Risks in M&A, Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
- When Can Tying and Bundled Discounting Be Anticompetitive?
- Antitrust Enforcement on SEP in China: Anatomy of Landmark Qualcomm Case

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