Advanced Workshop on Regulation and Competition in Network Industries

Newark, NJ
15 January 2016
Hosted By: Rutgers University Center for Research in Regulated Industries

Mergers in regulated industries like electricity present challenges to antitrust and sector regulators due to unique economic, technological, and regulatory features and considerations. In the electricity sector, mergers are scrutinized by antitrust agencies and by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), each with different standards and approaches. Antitrust agencies are focused primarily on whether the merger will “substantially lessen competition” while the FERC aims to ensure the merger is in the “public interest.” NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Agustin Ros will be delivering a presentation titled, “Merger Theory and Practice in the Electric Utility Sector” at this workshop hosted by the Rutgers University Center for Research in Regulated Industries. Dr. Ros will discuss similarities and differences between the agencies’ approaches with a focus on the FERC’s Competitive Analysis Screen and the Delivered Price Test. Also at the event, NERA Vice President Jonathan Falk will be delivering a presentation titled, “How to Lose $56+ Million through Regulatory Ambiguity: A Cautionary Tale from Alberta.”

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